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Rebuild your home with me

Hi, I'm Timothy Tjendra

In my quest to find the perfect place to rebuild my own house where I can utilize all the Fengshui knowledge I learned, I quickly realized that the process was not as easy as I thought it would be, and resources that were truly helpful were hard to come by. This led me to join PropNex Auction Team and create this platform.

Drawing from my wealth of experience in fengshui and house reconstruction, I can help you achieve harmonious and prosperous transformations for your homes.

My Story

As a happily retired individual, one of the project I embark on was to rebuild a house from scratch using all the fengshui theory I learnt. I quickly realized that the process was not as easy as I thought it would be, and resources that were truly helpful were hard to come by. This led me to join the PropNex Auction Team and create this platform. Despite my retirement, I believe it would be a disservice not to utilize my expertise to aid more individuals and families in finding and building their perfect home.


With an esteemed MBA from the University of Oxford under my belt, I offer a unique blend of business savvy and practical insight. Drawing from my background in engineering and finance, I can adeptly assess a property's condition and its potential for enhancements, ensuring my clients make informed decisions. What distinguishes me from other property agent is my hands-on involvement in the industry. Currently engaged in the reconstruction of my own home, I intimately comprehend both the challenges and the gratification associated with property ownership and improvement.


Moreover, having completed all four levels of the Fengshui Consultant Course under the tutelage of Master Andrew Tan at the School of Chinese Metaphysics, I have seamlessly integrated Fengshui principles into my own home. This firsthand familiarity enables me not only to pinpoint potential issues for my clients but also to offer invaluable advice and insights derived from personal experience.

I decided to join the PropNex Auction Team because of the power of collective effort. Instead of appointing just one agent to sell your property, why not get 100 times more exposure by letting all 12,000 PropNex agents work for you? PropNex Auction is totally different from other auction platforms as we will give you the biggest outreach, highest demand, highest price in the shortest time as we are using a whole of company approach to help you market your property.


While many property agents might shy away upon hearing your interest in finding a property with favorable Fengshui, it's because we recognize that the vast majority of properties don't meet the criteria for optimal Fengshui. However, if you're seeking a trustworthy property agent with profound expertise in both Fengshui and construction to assist you in locating an ideal property for rebuilt or A&A using Fengshui principles, your search ends here. It would be my privilege to collaborate with you and facilitate the realization of harmonious and prosperous transformations for your home. Reach out to me today to arrange a consultation.

My Certifications

Feng Shui Agent
Oxford MBA Agent
Top Landed Agent
Feng Shui Agent
Feng Shui Agent
Feng Shui Agent
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