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Advise Landed Property Singapore

Do you need Advice on Finding a house to
Rebuild or A&A?

With my specialized expertise in Fengshui and house reconstruction, I am uniquely equipped to guide potential clients through the complexities of finding a house to rebuild or A&A.

Drawing upon my experience in Fengshui principles and house reconstruction, I offer tailored guidance to help you achieve your property goals. Whether it's finding the perfect property that aligns with Fengshui principles or embarking on renovations and additions to optimize harmony and prosperity in your home, I am dedicated to providing expert counsel and support every step of the way.


My comprehensive knowledge and hands-on experience make me the ideal partner for all your property-related needs. Don't hesitate to reach out to me for personalized advice and assistance tailored to your unique requirements.

Advisory Services


"Tim has strong understanding about the current property market. He provided me with good advice on the pros and cons of the various options available and the information  are backed by facts or numbers."

Roger Lau

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